189th Sumad in Balilihan

Gov. Edgar Chatto, with municipal officials headed by Mayor Pureza Veloso-Chatto and Vice Mayor Roy Olalo, led ribbon cutting rites and the blessing of the Agro-Industrial Fair for 2017 in celebration of the 189th Sumad in Balilihan tomorrow.

Mayor Pureza honored former Mayor Victoria Chatto whose remains lie at their Balilihan home saying Mommy Vicky would have been proud of developments in the town which can be seen in the Agro Fair. The mayor also congratulated barangays on a fruitful harvest in this year’s Agro Fair.

This year’s Agro Fair is also graced by Acting Vice Gov. Benjie Arcamo and BM Abel Damalerio as well as Engr. Marcial Agad, PRDP Project Manager, and provincial planning and engineering offices to break grounds for Sitio Tugbas farm to market road in Del Carmen Weste, a project under the Philippine Rural Development Project. It is a 2.8km Road project worth P27.7M.

Gov. Chatto for his part said Sumad has really become a celebration of the birth of Balilihan and birth to eternal life of father former Mayor and Assemblyman Eladio “Tiyo Kiking” Chatto and sending off to heaven (9th day of novena) of Mommy Vicky or Tita Inday.

Turned over were crates for farmers, checks for coconut farmers under the coconut planting program of the Philippine Coconut Authority, and fruit and vegetables seeds for the Gulayan sa Paaralan program.

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