Gov. Edgar speaks at the 21st National Dairy Congress and Expo at the Bohol Cultural Center

"When I was told by your federation officer that you had planned to hold this activity here, we did not have second thoughts in saying you are most welcome and we are ready to extend whatever support needed so that this convention will be a successful exercise of exchange of dynamic information that will strengthen our dairy industry in the country and at the same time allow you also to visit the very interesting sites in the province of Bohol."

44th Founding Anniversary of the 302nd Infantry Brigade (May 18, 2018)

"As we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the 302nd brigade, we are here to thank the Lord Almighty for giving us the peace. But we, too, thank the men and women who struggle and offer their lives to be able to achieve that peace. But as we enjoy peace today, we know that the struggle to sustain peace is not over. It is a continuous process. Therefore, as we thank everyone and as we commend the men and women who have joined us in this advocacy, in this passion, in our commitment to service, and in achieving lasting peace, we, too, are reminded that everyday, will come across. But as long as we look at these challenges as opportunities to allow us to rise higher beyond our own dreams, I am very sure that we will end victorious."

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